System W

A timeless classic in the collection of Ann Idstein.

System W was created by Swiss industrial designer Christophe Marchand. The idea behind the design, was to create a system that doesn’t cover the full space between floor and ceiling, but rather to have an adjustable textile element that can be moved freely. System W can function both as a sun shade or as a partial room divider.

Flexible functionality and an aesthetical lightness are caracteristic traits of the System W. The System is manufactured from high quality aluminium- and stainless steel components as well as high end textiles.

System W with cord control is offered in 3 versions. The basic type W1 has one textile fond and one cord control. System W2 functions in the same way as W1, but there are two textile fonds connected to eachother at a fix distance. The System W3 has 2 cord controls, enabling 2 textile fonds to be adjusted individually.

It is also possible to equip all cord control System W’s with gliders, enabling the System to be slid sideways in a track rail. The types W1 and W2 can also be motorized.