Panel System

Ann Idstein created the Panel System at the beginning of the 1990’s. Wooden slats from the Venetian Blind department were applied to fabrics, creating a new kind of panel curtain in the process. The wooden slats create stability, they prevent direct contact between the human hand and the fabric and they add an aesthetical value to the product.

During the past decades, the product has been developed further, opening up a range of new applications. Ann Idstein’s Panel System is an excellent room divider, a well-functioning sliding door in front of a shelf or wardrobe or an efficient screen in a window situation. Thanks to a wide selection of fabrics and wooden slats, the product can offer many different looks and functions. The material selection stretches from translucent foil to sound absorbing felt and light diffusing screen fabrics.

The wooden slats are available in a wide range of solid wooden types and colours. A symmetrical placement of the slats is most common but Ann Idstein also offers to place the slats acording to your own sketch. As with all products within the Ann Idstein range, it is possible to custom paint the slats. The track rail is available in white or anodized aluminium with 2 to 5 tracks depending on how many curtains are to be slid behind eachother. Wall- and ceiling fittings are available.