Roller Blinds

Ann Idstein has a special relationship to this simple, yet clever product. Next to the Venetian Blinds, the Roller Blinds were the foundation upon which the company’s original collection was built. More than 60 years later, it still holds a special place within the product range.

The design principle of the Roller Blind is quite simple and well proven. Fabric rolled on an aluminium tube is pulled up and down by the use of a bead chain, spring mechanism or motor. Two clear benefits of the roller design is that the product is very compact when rolled up and it makes it possible to cover a large window pane with an even textile surface within seconds.

Fabrics range from transparent- to black out and there are numerous types of fittings and extras that can add an individual touch to the product. Wooden slats from our Venetian Blind collection can also be used as design element at the bottom of the fabric, creating contrast or matching the fabric.

Depending on the width of the Roller Blind, the tube diameter is changed in order to guarantee stability. Smaller blinds rely on a 30mm tube, whereas the widest sizes are produced with an 80mm tube. Larger blinds are supplied with a power transmission, making them easy to control despite their size.