Celebrating 60 years!

Since 1956 the family Håkansson/Idstein has been manufacturing sun screening products and room dividers. In 2016 we are celebrating 60 years in the industry.

NEW – System W1 with motor

System W, created by Swiss Industrial Designer Christophe Marchand has been developed further in 2016 and is now offered with motor and remote control. Please contact us for more information.

Fresh from the press

Our new brochure provides you with a comprehensive overview of the current collection. In between all the product information, you’ll find landscape pictures that were all taken in our immediate surroundings. On a personal note, those photos were all taken by close family members so this is southern Sweden as seen through our own lens. Click the cover to start …

Technical drawings

We have listened to your comments on our previous collection and taken the critique seriously. This time around, the collection is packed with new drawings of fittings, profiles and models within the different product lines. Let us know what you think!

Motors 2013

New motors & other technical equipment on sale now A complete new range of motors is now available for Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds and for Pleated Blinds. For fitting situations with no electrical wiring at hand, we can now offer a battery motor with integrated radio reciever. It can be recharged with a solar panel (see photo) or a traditional …